The first invention of man is the human being, who stumbling with the fire has invented himself inaugurating his relationship with what is not known.
The sunlight and our shadow are the origin of the interaction. Man is man’s environment and his genealogy is the addition of all his worlds.
That’s the Man Increased: the first person singular, plural thinking himself.
There is a nature alien to his fate pretending he is not there. That human’s first world is the one he invents to modify.
No one better than he knows the time, ever since the start of his verticality has made that the sun to turn him into its first watch.
The meridian is a ruler that scratches upon the world a wise truth.
We all walk. We all feel cold and warm.
Thought is like that meridian if repeated with each of our steps. It is this succession of infinite lines that keep us on this round paper leaf with water.
We are the millimetric, those who know to count, the ones that keep falling of the ruler, but invent another.
The brevity of our passage through the story is proportional to the choreographic quality with which we move in time.
We invent an operating system and then replace it with another. To each successful replacement we call vanguard, when transformed into something else right before fulfilling its promise.
When did Art stop questioning the system? When did Art stop interpreting it to accept it if it’s capacity consists on exceeding it?
If Art functions as an operating system it should be treated as such.

Manifesto 10th “404 International Festival of Art and Technology”
by Lic. Gina Valenti
Rosario, Argentina, 2013
Translation by Carla Celoria.

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