When we go to sleep, we face fairer and more terrible worlds than the one we abandon.
Everything can happen there, where our humanity is placed before any consequence, in that version that we don’t take care of, and even so does not seek to take our place.
When we wake up, those that walk are our replicas.
We create monsters to invent fear. We start everything that can be interrupted.
We are the territory where the war is taking place. Not even in our mind a battle is being waged, but in the structure that we have defended throughout life.
We are the site of the discoveries and the one who hides them; uncertainties that move from one place to another.
We trust in everything that we hope to not have to comprehend, but our lies do not hold new worlds. They fear them.
We distrust of the incredible events when repeated over time because nothing amazes us if it occurs more than once. Isn’t it odd, then, that, even so, we continue to believe in everything that we never see?
We visit the places that others conquer, we stumble on the ruins when we don’t fall.
Some countries have enough bombs to keep our families safe from the others.
That ever some disaster be our refuge.
We are afraid of those who have less, of those who only have themselves. A terror based on the certainty that we are only what they can take from us. When access is the only thing that legitimate us, the lack of access expels us.
There is an eternal absence that is our own, because we are the promise that others fulfill. The historical genetic completes us but what we have left over lacks us.
Once again, the world of others conquer us.
What will come always disembarks over what it does not comprehend.
But the heart is a great crust that, in order to join, knows how to break any distance.
There is a world that commands us to sleep because it never does.
Humanity is what remains of Humanity.

Hoax: It is known by this name to any attempt to convince a group of people that something false is true. Unusually, it is also used as a verb.

Manifesto 13th “404 International Festival of Art & Technology”
by Lic. Gina Valenti
Bogotá, Colombia, 2016
Translation by Carla Celoria

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